Invitations express the theme of your event. Decorations and party favors set the mood. Do not settle for items that are not perfect. Let me design your perfect invitations, decorations and party favors for you.

My Pledge To You

Vision Statement:
To design and create custom invitations, keepsake scrapbooks and party supplies that will express my customers individual personalities.

Mission Statement:
At Princess Books by JMH, my mission is to create lifelong memories for my customers by using innovative, unique, inspirational, high quality, and long-lasting custom products. I will provide outstanding customer service to my customers by showing respect and common courtesy. I will maximize my profit potential by relying on word of mouth; this is achieved by maintaining 100% customer satisfaction.

Value Statement:
- Proud to be serving my community and surrounding areas.
- Respect the different cultures and heritages of my customers. I will speak thoughtfully and listen
  whole heartedly.
- Inspire individuals to be creative through the use of my knowledge, tools, products, ideas, and
- Network with local small business to provide a chain of resources for my customers.
- Compassion- seek understanding and practice patience with my customers.
- Engagement- welcome changes from internal or external trends, practice teamwork, encourage
  curiosity, and be enthusiastic on a daily basis.
- Support our community by holding fundraisers and participating in community service.
- Superior customer service by not saying NO, instead I will suggest alternatives to an idea(s) or

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