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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big-Game Hunting Christmas Tree

Tired of the traditional Christmas decorating? Over the last few years I have decided to be different and decorated in different themes. Christmas 2013 I decided to do a "Hunting" theme Christmas.
Two sets of shotgun shell lights, shotgun and handgun tucked into the tree with a bow and arrows.
I used a camouflage cargo net as a tree skirt. I wrapped gifts in green and pink camouflage wrapping paper to stay in the theme.
I used a deer hunting target as the tree topper.
I tried using a green Christmas tree first but the hunting supplies blended into the tree. Using a white Christmas tree enhanced the colors of the supplies and the shotgun lights.

Burlap and Antique Key Christmas Tree

Burlap bow as topper
Strips of as garland

Vintage keys and bunches of berries

Burlap as a tree skirt