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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Kissmass

This year (2014) I wanted our Christmas decorations to express love and caring. Sometimes we get caught up in the holiday craziness, gift buying and wanting everything to be perfect that we push aside the most important thing about the holiday, love and caring for each other.

Dinning room decorations.

15 feet long garland with snowflakes and lips.

Living room decorations around the tree

Each stocking has a snowflake with a small lip in the middle with a monogram hanging from the snowflake.

I decided against a tree topper this year, I didn't want to make the decorations to over whelming.

I love simple trees, I only added red bulbs on the tree.

Entry way into the kitchen, decorated in 20 feet of garland.

Curtain tie backs. I used large lips and a snowflake.

I used red wrapping paper with white curly ribbon and a white snowflake.

I used plain white wrapping paper with red curly ribbon and lips.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big-Game Hunting Christmas Tree

Tired of the traditional Christmas decorating? Over the last few years I have decided to be different and decorated in different themes. Christmas 2013 I decided to do a "Hunting" theme Christmas.
Two sets of shotgun shell lights, shotgun and handgun tucked into the tree with a bow and arrows.
I used a camouflage cargo net as a tree skirt. I wrapped gifts in green and pink camouflage wrapping paper to stay in the theme.
I used a deer hunting target as the tree topper.
I tried using a green Christmas tree first but the hunting supplies blended into the tree. Using a white Christmas tree enhanced the colors of the supplies and the shotgun lights.

Burlap and Antique Key Christmas Tree

Burlap bow as topper
Strips of as garland

Vintage keys and bunches of berries

Burlap as a tree skirt

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Manly Man Themed Party

I wanted to throw an amazing 40th birthday party for my husband but I wanted it to be something that fit his personality. I looked around the house and wondered what he would use if he was going to have men over. I found a black sharpie, duct tape and cardboard... I started designing!
I cut cardboard as the base of the invitation. Printed the information on white cardstock in a font that resembled a man's handwriting. Attached the cardstock to the cardboard with duct tape. Hint: do not use cheap duct tape, it will not stay attached to the cardboard.

Because I used cardboard it was to thick to put in envelopes so I wrapped them in brown butcher paper and wrapped duct tape around them. I used the same font on the labels from the invitations and placed them on the butcher paper like my husband would (no detail to being straight).
I picked out food that my husband would have picked, all finger foods. I used cardboard and duct tape to label the items with a black sharpie to describe the foods. I also covered the tables with the brown butcher paper and used duct tape to adhere it. I even used the duct tape as a "table runner" down the center of the tables. You can even use the duct tape to make place mats for the guests. Cheap duct tape will not stay adhered to the butcher paper.
Everyone needs a birthday sign. Once again, I used cardboard, duct tape and a black sharpie to write the message.