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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Kissmass

This year (2014) I wanted our Christmas decorations to express love and caring. Sometimes we get caught up in the holiday craziness, gift buying and wanting everything to be perfect that we push aside the most important thing about the holiday, love and caring for each other.

Dinning room decorations.

15 feet long garland with snowflakes and lips.

Living room decorations around the tree

Each stocking has a snowflake with a small lip in the middle with a monogram hanging from the snowflake.

I decided against a tree topper this year, I didn't want to make the decorations to over whelming.

I love simple trees, I only added red bulbs on the tree.

Entry way into the kitchen, decorated in 20 feet of garland.

Curtain tie backs. I used large lips and a snowflake.

I used red wrapping paper with white curly ribbon and a white snowflake.

I used plain white wrapping paper with red curly ribbon and lips.