Invitations express the theme of your event. Decorations and party favors set the mood. Do not settle for items that are not perfect. Let me design your perfect invitations, decorations and party favors for you.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mini Mouse Collection

B. Coasters
K. Placemat

Ladybug Collection

A. Scrapbook          
B. Sign
D. Placemat
E. Napkin Rings                                                    
F. Coasters
G. Cupcake Topper/Food Pick
H. Wedding Invitation Set
I. Birthday/Baby Shower Invitations

Vinyl Collection

A. Table Number                                           
B. Wedding Invitation Set
C. Save The Date Cards                              
D. Napkin Rings
E. Escort Cards                                            
F. Cupcake Toppers/Food Picks
G. Coasters                                                     
H. Place Setting Cards
I. Placemat

Denim Pockets

Do not throw those old jeans away! I have fallen in love with using denim pockets to decorate with. This blog is dedicated to denim pockets and what I have/will be using them for. Please feel free to share your denim pocket projects with me.

 Silverware Holder

Pocket Banner