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DIY Projects and Supplies

There is nothing more therapeutic than molding cardstock into an awesome project. You can find craft supplies and tools in my craft store.

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DIY Projects

Mason Jar Pumpkin Lanterns

Materials: Mason jars/glass jars, as many as you would like. Orange acrylic paint, I used two different orange colors, green, I used 2 different color greens, and black acrylic paint. Battery operated tea lights for each of the jars. Paint brushes, I used two different sizes (medium and small size). Wire and wire cutters. A can of Oops.

Use the can of Oops to remove any glue from the labels or residue. Wash your jars and make sure they are completely dry.

Paint the outside of the jars orange, I painted 2 jars with a primary orange paint and 2 with a bright orange paint. Paint the top of the jars green, I painted 2 with a primary green and 2 with a bright green. Once the jars are completely dry, paint on the faces with the black paint. Have fun with the faces and do not be worried about mistakes.

When the jars are completely dry, use the wire to wrap around the top of the jars to make a curly vine/vines. I embellished the wire with different leaf embellishments made out of cardstock. Turn on the battery operated tea lights, place them in the bottom of each jar and enjoy your new decorations.

Owl Purse Card

I found this idea on the Creative Memories site and thought it would be a wonderful project to share with others.

Any themed paper
Cardstock- any color
Matching ribbon

How to Make:
1. Cut cardstock to measure 8-1/2" x 6".
2. Fold in half to create 6" x 4-1/4" card.
3. Cut valentine themed paper to measure 6" x 4-1/4", then adhere it to cardstock.
4. Using scissors, make a diagonal cut from each bottom corner of card up to spine of card.
5. Using fine-tip pen, draw faux stitches along edges of patterned piece.
6. Decorate.
7. Cut a piece of ribbon to measure 7". Adhere each end of ribbon to backside of card to create "handle".
Finished Size: 6" (at widest point - bottom of purse), x 4-1/4"


Star Book

You can do this project with any themed pattern paper. I found this project on the Creative Memories site. The above picture is the star book I made.

Step 1:
-Fold each 12x4 (7 of them) inch strip in half & crease your folded strip will now be a 6x4 strip.
-Fold each 10x4 (7 of them) inch strip in half & crease your folded strip will now be a 5x4 strip.
-Fold each 8x4 (7 of them) inch strip in half & crease your folded strip will now be a 4x4 strip.

Step 2:
Unfold the strips & make 7 stacks with 1 of each size strip. Start stacking with the largest strip first & end with the shortest one.

Step 3:
Use a tape runner to adhere both 4-inch outer edges of the 10x4 inch strip in each stack to the outer edges of the 12x4 inch strip underneath it. Then Adhere the outer edges of each 8x4 inch strip to the edges of the 10x4 inch strip below.

Step 4:
Use a tape runner to join the seven stacks to each other end-to- end along their 4 inch outer edges. When you are finished, each section should stack in the shape of a star book.

Step 5:
With the book closed. Use the photo mates to make the book covers (front & back, use a tape runner). To keep the book open when fanned out you can adhere a piece ribbon under each photo mate or you can use a hole punch to create a hole to slid the ribbon through.

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