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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year Decorations

This year I had neck surgery a week before Christmas, I thought decorating was going to be put on hold. Last minute I decided to have the family over for New Year's Eve family time. With being in a neck brace I couldn't jump in the car and go buy decorations so I made my own, which I love doing anyways. I used left over party supplies from other parties I decorated for.

A black plastic table cloth made a wonderful back drop for pictures (if you have time, iron out the lines for a smooth finish), gold balloons, gold curly ribbon, stars I cut out with my Cricut, and New Years banners I made. Each star has a gemstone in the middle for sparkle. The banners have gemstones on them also, you can never have enough sparkle when you decorate.
Happy New Year Banners, set of 3

I used old clocks that have been handed down to me to create this display. Each clock is set on a different time. I sprinkled confetti around with more gold curly ribbon. Decorative glasses are filled with gold and black beads and gold balls on top. To add more glam, I draped curly ribbon off the side of the glasses.

Two picture frames and phrases made a wonderful display in my kitchen. More confetti, curly ribbon and another glass filled with beads, gold balls and curly ribbon draped off the sides. I added gemstones to the "2016" for it to sparkle.

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